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For Schools

HEROES RUN at your School?

Do you think your School could fundraise for Pass It On Africa, by putting on their own HEROES RUN event? We would happily come and do an assembly beforehand and provide you with everything you would need to run it on the day. If so, drop us a line at info@pioafrica.org.uk


Does your School have any HEROES hiding in the playground or staff room?

We provide a free HEROES Youth race and want to encourage lots more UK children who might have barriers to exercise to get involved. We want as many children as possible to follow their parents or teachers good examples of not taking life too seriously and getting all Hero’d up. The Youth race is for participating Schools only. All your school needs to do to become one is do some fundraising for us. There’s no set amount and we provide you with all the sponsor forms and can come and do an Assembly well before the race day.


Drop us a line for more information info@pioafrica.org.uk

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