Meet The Team


Mark Beautement MBE - Chairman

Mark  joined the team in 2007 and now fullfills a number of roles, including advising us on how best to set up our accounts and establish networks in the African countries we support. He's also happy to get dressed up as a Thunderbird and lead 1,000 people in a spur of the moment warm up.


James Macdonald - Fundraising manager, Trustee

James is one of the two co-founders and organises all fundraising events, as well as communicating with all PIOA fundraisers. He talks to a lot of people, always gets over excited and often refuses to take off his Captain America suit for several days after an event. It's James'  unwavering enthusiasm and sometimes unrealistic expectations that drives Pass It On Africa to consistantly punch above our weight.


Matt Lambert - Creative advisor, Trustee 

Matt is the other charity founder and incharge of designing all branding for Pass It On Africa and the HEROES RUN. Matt's the one that tells James how bad his dreamy ideas are, only to be standing side by side with him seeing them through a couple of months later. View Matt's artwork at



Niki May Young -  Trustee 

Niki joined the PIOA team in 2008 and is now a trustee. She acts as the welcome party in the race entry tent on the day and has been Wonderwoman, Supergirl, a Jedi knight and a cheerleader in her time. She's a journalist, so works on the website and on film-making duties but her most important role beyond doubt is bossing the boys about (they need it).


Becky Stevens - Health and Safetly advisor,  Trustee 

Becky has supported Pass It On Africa since the very first Heroes Run in 2005.  As the organiser of a couple of other races in Brighton & Hove, Becky provides advice on risk assessments and event planning, plus cake for James when the going gets tough!



Chris Lambert - Accountant 

Chris is our accountant and Matt's Dad. He's also very happy to run 10k in a back to front Superman costume whenever asked.




Tim - Education advisor

Tim is a teacher at Repton School. He got involved in March 2011 when Pass It On Africa was picked as Repton School's lent term charity. Having spent a month working at The Dreamland School in 2011, he is now the man to talk to if you think you might like to swop your two week holiday spent cursing the exchange rate in Benidorm for, amongst other things, teaching children to read English in Ghana.


Edwyna Dyer - Volunteer

Edwyna joined the team in 2010 and has been part of the fundraising events team ever since. As an NLP Master practitioner, Edwyna advises the team on key rapport building skills which have proved invaluable for meeting with potential sponsors / investors.


Pippa Pepera - Dreamlands co-ordinator

Pippa lives in Accra, Ghana and is our main link with The Dreamland School. She runs a number of Fitness centres out there, and along with the support of her staff, is helping the Dreamland project to run smoothly. She is also very good at flying into town, all the way from Ghana, just to run our HEROES RUN.

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