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The HEROES RUN is an event that is run almost entirely by volunteers. It usually takes 30-60 volunteers to help us put on one of our 4 HEROES RUN events. There are lots of ways you can become part of our HEROES RUN family and help us make the HEROES RUN events better and better. To find out how, say hello at info@pioafrica.org.uk

 Join the core?

We need about 20 people to join the HEROES RUN set up team, very early, at approx 6am-10am before each HEROES RUN event. You could be doing anything, from counting out medals to making sure the START/FINISH area look epic. If this sounds like your thing, you live near to Clapham Common, Brighton Seafront, Southampton Common or Poole Park and have 4 hours to volunteer, then we would love to hear from you.

 Are you that small corner of calm in the storm?

Once the HEROES RUN event gets under way, from approx 9am to about 2pm, there are about 60 volunteer roles we can tell you about, and at least the same number that we can’t. Are you good at dealing with noise and fun, but also calm under quite pressurized situations? If so, and you live near to one of our event sites, then we really want to hear from you.

 Can you help us leave the seafront or Park as we found it?

Once the event starts to wind down at around 3pm, that’s when the breakdown team roll in. We’ve got pretty efficient at breaking down and tidying away the site over the past 8 years. But it doesn’t matter how many volunteers we have to do this, we could always do with a few more.

 Get involved now by dropping us a line at info@pioafrica.org.uk

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